Social Life

Our students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the cultural and social life of our beautiful city and its near neighbour, London.

Cambridge has a lot to offer international students all the year round. It has a very active musical life, two theatres and a huge number of pubs of different kinds. From October to June students can join any of the enormous variety of University clubs. In the past our students have enjoyed activities from ballroom dancing, to sailing, cinema and even ice- hockey.

We have regular trips to London, particularly to the musical theatres and the art galleries, but also regularly to the law courts and business districts for students who are interested in those aspects of English life, history and architecture that can be discovered in these quarters.

What's on in Cambridge

There are many things to do in Cambridge. This busy city offers visitors everything from cultural and historical places of interest to nightclubs, theatres and leisure centres.


Cambridge Trinity Street

Cambridge City Centre offers a wide variety of entertainment, sporting facilities and shops. This includes a modern leisure centre and swimming pool and two large shopping centres.


Cambridge pub

Entertainment in Cambridge is largely based around the many traditional English pubs, or the clubs and societies of the University, but also includes multi screen cinemas, nightclubs, and a wide variety of music and theatre.


Cambridge punting

Punting is very a popular way to travel through the city. It is the slowest but most beautiful way to see Cambridge.


Cambridge Kings College

Cambridge University has a large number of clubs and societies which our students are able to join. In the past our students have participated in ballroom dancing, tennis, football, rowing, archery, ice-hockey, debates and music. Students can also visit the beautiful colleges with their magnificent chapels and libraries.


Cambridge Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens provide visitors with a peaceful and beautiful place to relax and reflect during their stay in Cambridge.


Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum

Museums in Cambridge offer a wide variety of collections from art to archaeology, science, folk history and zoology.

What's on Outside Cambridge

There are many beautiful places to see near to Cambridge, and London is only 55 minutes away by train. Many of our students go much further at the weekends and at the end of their courses, visiting places like Liverpool, Manchester and Scotland. We can help to arrange trips, give ideas about places that will interest the students, and often guide groups around areas that are new or off the tourist routes..


Byron School trip 1

London is only 55 min away by train and students can visit many cultural and historical places including Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Madam Tussauds, the Globe Theatre and the London Eye.


Byron School Trip 2

Festivals and open air concerts bring a wide variety of music and culture to Cambridge and its surrounding towns and cities. There is a world-famous folk festival in the city in July, and music events every weekend at different stately homes around Cambridge.


Byron School Trip 3

Stately Homes in England are one of the country’s great cultural treasures. Visits to them are often surprisingly informal, and always fascinating.


Byron School Trip 4

Real English Towns and vIllages close to Cambridge offer students a chance to see beautiful houses, markets, gardens and churches, and to dive deep into English traditions and history.


Byron School Trip 5

Shows nearby include the Duxford Air Show, historical re-enactments, traditional agricultural fairs horse-racing and a whole variety of activities and obsessions enjoyed by English people at leisure!


Byron School Trip 6

The City of Ely is close to Cambridge and students can visit the famous Ely Cathedral and take in the sights of this beautiful city.

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The Byron School Cambridge is the smallest school in Cambridge, and has been providing high quality English teaching since 1992. We specialise in intensive courses for small classes of students, most of whom are studying English for business or University.

Located in the centre of the beautiful University city of Cambridge, with classrooms in the garden of the family home, we offer an environment that is supportive, stimulating and very different from the norm, underpinned by excellent language teaching as well as an enjoyment and sharing of English culture.



We are best suited to people who really want to improve their English by active participation in the classroom and our cultural activities programme. We have a lot of older students who enjoy our more mature atmosphere, and try to get everyone involved in the challenge and enjoyment of our language and culture.

Please take a look around our website to get a good idea of the character of our school. You can contact us to enquire about courses in English in Cambridge - visit the Contact page for more details.

See Our Brochure

Would you like a copy of our brochure? Download the PDF here.

Byron School Brochure



We run courses year round. Summer courses are General English and students can join at any level and at any time. Between September and June many of our long-term students combine studying with working, and we focus on the Cambridge Examinations in March, June and December, but also offer preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and General, Business and Academic English.

Maximum 8 people per class.We run courses year round. Summer courses are General English and students can join at any level and at any time. Between September and June many of our long-term students combine studying with working, and we focus on the Cambridge Examinations in March, June and December, but also offer preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and General, Business and Academic English.

Maximum 8 people per class.

General Courses

We offer open courses in July and August, which can be joined at any level and at any time. During the rest of the year we offer courses by arrangement, with a minimum number of three people, and a maximum number of eight per class. The minimum length of the courses is a week.

All students take an assessment test at the beginning of their course to identify their general level, and the specific areas of language and grammar that they need to improve.

Our small classes are intensive, and the teaching is aimed very precisely at the needs of the students. Students get a great deal more personal time with the teacher, and have far more time speaking in class themselves. Class work is followed up by two or three hours of homework per day.

Our School

The Byron School Cambridge offers a unique experience to students keen to learn English in the UK. We are a very small school which is very purposeful – students work hard in their studies, and make the most of their time in this historical city by exploring the language, history and culture in depth.

Students make fast progress in classes with a maximum size of eight students. The atmosphere of such a small school is very personal, so no-one has a chance to feel lost. On the other hand we don't suit people coming to England mainly for a holiday, and would encourage them to go to one of the many large schools nearby.

Over the years we have welcomed a real mix of students from all over the world, with a wide age range. The atmosphere and size of the school mean that people don’t feel out of place whatever their age, and that is certainly something people enjoy about us. Another thing is the amount of discussion that goes on, usually over a cup of tea in the garden. The sharing of opinions and experiences is something we value a great deal for the sake of both learning and enjoyment.

Fees & Bookings

Our course fees are the lowest in Cambridge for classes of a similar size, and include use of all the materials you will need to study with us.

We have an excellent library of text books, language study materials, literature at different reading levels, and videos, which are freely available for use by the students out of lesson times.

Students wanting to write in text books may choose to buy their own copies, particularly if they are following an exam course, and there is an excellent specialist bookshop very close to the school that will supply these.

Fees List

All costs are per week per person.
Maximum 8 people per class.



15 hours per week

Class (min 3, max 8 students) GBP 160
Class of 2 students GBP 200
One to one GBP 400



15 hours per week

Mid June to end August GBP 140
September to mid June GBP 100


Please contact us on +44 1223 360740 to discuss your plans before making a booking, particularly if you require a visa to come to the UK.

We require a deposit of GBP 160 for all courses which will be deducted from the course fees.


Cancellations may be made up to four weeks before the start of the course. If visa submissions have been made, the whole deposit will be retained to cover the administration costs of notifying the immigration authorities. If they have not, a £50 administration fee will be charged. The whole deposit will be retained if cancellations are made less than four weeks before the start of the course. We advise you to take out insurance for your trip at the time of your booking.


Please note that  we are no longer registered as an English Language School with the British Immigration Authorities, as the bureaucratic requirements became too time consuming for our low student numbers. We do not therefore give assistance with visa applications etc and the vast majority of our students therefore come from within the EU.